What Services does ESTERICAL provide?

Basically ESTERICAL provides Sterilization and Sanitization services in a safe facility, built and operated according to international standards. Additionally, it also provides the following essential complementary services: Validation of sterilization cycles. Logistics of withdrawal and delivery of materials. Packaging and packaging of materials (in qualified cases). Readings of chemical and biological indicators in each cycle. Process traceability Comprehensive technical advice.

How important is the packaging of the product to be sterilized?

Its importance is critical. It is the container that will allow the entry of the Ethylene Oxide gas into the product and that will maintain the sterility of the product after being subjected to the sterilization process, acting as a barrier to the entry of microorganisms from the environment. ESTERICAL will advise you in choosing the right packaging material.

Is sanitization the same as sterilization?

No. Sanitation is a reduction of microbial content to a certain level. Sterilization ensures that microorganisms will be reduced to a level that they cannot reproduce.

How do I ensure that a product is sterilized?

To ensure this, the initial microorganism load, the way it was packaged and packed, the concentration of Ethylene Oxide to be used, the temperature and humidity at which it will be sterilized must be known. When all these variables are under control, sterilization is assured to a reliable level. This process is called VALIDATION.