We are a company that provides sanitization and sterilization services for ethylene oxide to Public and Private Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Laboratories and Veterinary Clinics through a process validated under international standards ISO ANSI / AAMI and UNE ENN. We have designed a unidirectional process which is carried out entirely in our facilities in order to ensure sterilization of the material, which goes from its reception to its dispatch in the area of ​​sterile material. Thus, using state-of-the-art control systems, and a staff of highly qualified professionals, we are able to deliver a 100% reliable service, inserting our company into a quality system that has permanent validations, according to market requirements.


Our offices are located in Quilicura and that is where all our operations take place. All areas where perfectly designed, ensuring not only the effectiveness of the procedure, but also the safety of our staff. We currently have the authorization of the Health Secretary of the Metropolitan Region.


Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive service to our customers. Not only do we handle the removal of the material to be sterilized and its subsequent delivery, but we start by developing a container that ensures that the device is sterilized. This design corresponds to semipermeable boxes that allow the gas to penetrate the material completely. However, a chemical indicator of ethylene oxide is placed on its exterior, which turns color once the process has been completed and inside it, in each cycle biological indicators. This packaging, thanks to its characteristics, also serves to protect the material during handling and distribution, thus minimizing the chances of any deterioration. Once the material is sterilized, the entire process is validated by means of a Certificate that includes all the operational critical parameters of the cycle, which is delivered to the customer at the time of dispatch. In the event that the procedure failed, in Esterical we commit ourselves to perform the reprocessing to reach the level of confidence in sterilization.

ESTERICAL’s Mission is to provide sanitation and sterilization services under the strictest international standards to Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Laboratories and Veterinary Clinics.




ISO 9001:2015